Team training and staff development

RibRide offers one of the best, non-threatening but revealing team training opportunities available in the great outdoors. The Menai Strait is a safe and controllable environment. No individual will fail due to physical condition or outdoor expertise.

If you want to carry out team training, professional training or individual leadership training RibRide offers a range of options.

The Menai Strait location, combined with our professional RIBs, offers a unique classroom and boardroom. We can place your team in a safe and controllable environment. No individual will fail due to physical condition or outdoor expertise.

We can also challenge your team providing interventions and groups adventures.

Corporate Training

Our RibRide packages are for corporate groups of all sizes. They are designed to use the outdoor marine environment to challenge and encourage colleagues to work together.
Talk to us out about our Corporate Adventure Challenges from RibRide.

Team Building

Bring your team for team training to bond and challenge your team.  We can provide a wide range of team-building and problem solving sessions. Our challenges are suitable for participation by everyone. Challenges can be designed to require little physical skill or strength, so are inclusive.
Talk to us out about our Team Building Adventures from RibRide.

Staff Development

Working with with RidRide in the marine environment can help you with any or all of your management skills and team development needs.
Talk to us out about our Staff Developement Adventures from RibRide.

Training – Songline

A songline is an Aboriginal method of steering a course through a landscape using stories. At RibRide, we rely on charts to show us the way and stories to paint a picture of local life. We bring these ancient methods to you through the use of our own songlines. Challenge your team to remember the messages and explore the historic Menai Strait.

View our Songline Team Adventure. Go to our Songline page.

Training – Coastal foraging

Come with us for a unique ‘foodie’ adventure foraging along the shoreline, picking, catching and cooking a meal to share together.

Cooking your foraged meal, Anglesey

Cooking your foraged meal, Anglesey

View our Coastal Foraging Team Adventure. Go to our Coastal Foraging page.

Team training

Our aim is to get the mind working and your team thinking.
Talk to us out about our Team Training Adventure Challenges from RibRide.

We also provide a fun adventure day for your team. To Learn more about our Ride and Dine, a Coastal Adventure, the Around Anglesey Challenge,  Slide and Ride and AdventureMap. Go to our Team Treats page.



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