Stag and Hen Parties

Come out for a Stag and/or Hen party that your guest will remember, have an adventure.

Stag Hen Parties, Book the whole boat for you and your friends. Twist and turn on the Strait for an hour and feel the wind in your hair and excitement in your heart.

  • One hour at £200, splendid for 1 to 11 Stags/Hens
  • Two hours at £350, is enormous fun for 1 to 11 Stags/Hens
  • Three hours morning or afternoon at £500, is wonderful for 1 to 10 Stags/Hens
  • The whole day, up to 8 hours, at £800, it is amazing for 1 to 8 Stags/Hens

Here are some great ideas for Stag and Hen Parties:

Ride and Dine

Take a couple of boats out with your Stags and Hens, explore our Bridges and Swellies tour. Sweep under Menai and Britannia bridges, up to the grand Plas Newydd. Journey back to Bangor Pier and expereince Millionaires Row.

Finish by celebrating with either lunch or dinner at the famous Dylan’s restaurant. One hour at £200 per boat, with up to 11 Riders.

 Aye Aye Captain, here are the Hens

Aye Aye Captain, here are the Hens

Summer evening splash

Cruise the length of the Menai Strait under the backdrop golden mountains lit by the low evening sun. Bring your own hamper aboard and we will find somewhere nice to stop and the drop anchor. Alternatively there are a couple of pubs that can be accessed at on certain tides. We will have fun and you may get wet!

The Menai Challenge

A whistle stop tour of the pubs on the Menai Strait. We will rush you from bar to bar for a quick half.  Our safe and reliable skippers will drive you, taking you to the next safe harbor. We finish at the pub for a pint.
We cannot carry inebriated or intoxicate passengers and suggest that you drink at your final destination and arrange a taxi to return you to your hotel, home or lodgings.

Stag Slide and Hen Ride

Combine a RibRide adventure with the stunning sensation of the world’s fastest Zip Wire. Slide at Zip World Velocity and Ride with RibRide to create a mega memorable Stag and Hen trip.

The Adventure Map

View our exciting map of possibilities to see a multitude of adventures in North Wales. You can link any of these fantastic adventure together with a RibRide to create a Stag and Hen trip for the most adventurous thrill seekers.

Group enquiry

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