Media / Press

Our team can provide media logistics, location advice and safety support for news, TV and films.

We have worked with a wide variety of media, production companies and celebrities. Working with Bear Grylls on adrenaline pumped adventure scenes. Night shoots on the water with boats full of baddies laden with guns. Serenely following and filming kayakers on a lazy summers evening with rare creatures and special (SSSI) environments.

Away from the action we can be found ferrying kit or crew to and from location. We work with directors on scene choice and/or sequencing.  Being on the water in ‘media mode’ is a very regular occurrence. We are very good at what we do and that is why teams come back to us time and time again.

Our roles include

  • Safety support – helicopter drops into the sea
  • Camera platforms – filming other craft or on board scenes
  • Remote access – drop off in difficult locations e.g. sea cliffs or islands
  • Logisitics – relocation or equipment to and from set for Pinewood studio production)
  • Location advice – creating efficient production schedules relative to tidal or weather patterns
  • Props – provision of boats and jet skis as moving or static set props)
  • Stunt Drivers – exacting placement of boats in critical positions

We have worked with

Series and Producers

Marketing productions

  • Sunseeker marketing
  • Land Rover marketing
  • Brother Printers
  • Visit Wales
  • Visit Britain

Aled Jones and Skipper Phil, 30 September 2016

 ITV Cymru Wales Coast & Country. out with Skipper Tom

ITV Cymru Wales Coast & Country. out with Skipper Tom

Julia Bradbury, ‘Best Walks With A View’ on Anglesey

Julia Bradbury, ‘Best Walks With A View’ on Anglesey

Charter the RIB boat and a Skipper, out-of-hours service available.

Longer duration or multi-event charters are quoted on an individual basis. Additional services include vehicle towing, on water relocation and second crew rates. Cancellations and deferrals are subject to charges.

Download this PDF RibRide-TV-and-Media-Logistics to print and keep information about our TV and media services.

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