Boats for Groups

RibRide specialises in taking groups of friends and families on amazing group adventures in North Wales. We offer a unique experience and a full range of RIB adventure activities, which are ideal for business training or great fun for organised groups.

Whilst RibRide offers tours by the seat, it makes much more sense for families and groups to book the whole boat. You can book one hour to a whole day aboard. It allows you flexibility to choose your start time, location and itinerary.
This groups service is designed to meet the needs of your team, please contact us, use an enquiry form, contact us by phone on 0333 1234 303 (a local rate number) (our office hours are 9am to 5pm), or email us and we will get back to you.

Friends & Family

At RibRide we offer tours by the seat, but it makes much more sense for families and groups to charter a whole boat. This can be for one hour, half a day or a whole day.
It allows you flexibility; you can choose a start time, destination and itinerary. Peak season the first hour is £220, while subsequent hours are great value at £195, 20 July to 3 Sept 18. From 4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19 the first hour is £195, while subsequent hours are great value at £150.
Phone on 0333 1234 303, fill in a form or email us

Children’s Parties

Create a special birthday memory with a RibRide children’s party boat tour.
As parents we have seen enough wasted party food and soft-play tantrums to know that it’s not easy hosting a kid’s party. It’s a special birthday treat; we go on a suitable adventure with spins, thrills and waves all rolled into one.
All groups need a parent to supervise the party and while we take children from 10 to 16 years old. Special children’s rate, £150 per hour 4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19 (maximum of 2 adults).
Please contact us.

Organised groups

Working with organised groups: schools, colleges, Scouts, Guides, WI and Round Table etc. offers us a fantastic opportunity to inspire people and create an understanding and empathy with the stunning coastline of Anglesey and North Wales. From inspiring introductions to RIB boats, the environment of the Strait and integration with educational programmes, we can tailor an experience to create a fantastic and memorable event.
Tell us about your groups and let the adventure begin.

Team incentives and thank yous

Join us on a special team tour or a bespoke group adventure on one or more of our fast and safe RIBs. Simply choose the number of boats; each RIB can carry up to 11 passengers. Decide where you want to have your adventure, a one-hour tour of Menai Strait highlights or go around Anglesey in a day, and we will take you on an unforgettable team adventure.
Talk to us about how you want to thank or incentivise your team, fill in a form or phone us on 0333 1234 303.

Team training

If you are a training professional or a team leader and are looking for the perfect intervention to reveal team strengths and weaknesses, then RibRide offers one of the best, non-threatening but revealing role-play opportunities available in the great outdoors. The Menai Strait location, combined with our RIBs, offers a unique location that places teams in a safe, controllable environment where no individual will fail due to physical condition or outdoor expertise.
We love to provide challenging and inclusive training days, fill in a form or phone us on 0333 1234 303