Friends & family

Jump aboard with your friends and family. Individuals or groups can book a whole RIB to go on their own adventure.

Come with us on a bespoke friends family tour. At RibRide we offer tours by the seat, but it makes much more sense for families and groups to charter a whole boat. It allows you flexibility; you can choose a start time, destination and itinerary.

Individuals or groups can book a whole RIB for…

…One hour, great for 1 to 11 Riders
£220 peak season (20 July to 3 Sept 18)
£195 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19),

…Two hours, terrific for 1 to 11 Riders
£415 peak season (20 July to 3 Sept 18)
£345 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19),

…Three hours morning or afternoon, tremendous for 1 to 10 Riders
£610 peak season (20 July to 3 Sept 18)
£495 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19)

…The whole day up to 8 hours, awesome for 1 to 8 Riders
at £1,000 peak season (20 July to 3 September 18)
at £795 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19)

Hire the whole boat with your partner, for your friends, and family. You decide the departure time, destination and points of interest to stop at along the way. We are happy to discuss an ideal itinerary to suit your party.

Here are some suggestions of itineraries to give you a few ideas…

Summer evening cruise

Cruise the length of the Menai Strait under the backdrop of golden mountains lit by the low evening sun. Bring your own hamper aboard and we’ll find somewhere nice to stop and then drop anchor. Alternatively there are a couple of pubs that can be accessed at certain tides. You could finish your RibRide with friends family dinner at the fabulous Dylan’s Restaurant.

This film was shot on a very cold April evening at 6.30pm. It was chilly but very beautiful, with snow on the distant mountains and a glorious sunset.

Around Anglesey Adventure

A firm favourite with our clients! We spend the day on a 78 mile circumnavigation of the Isle of Anglesey. We will have loads of time to gunkhole into hidden bays, squeeze the entire boat into a cave, drift with dolphins and porpoises, investigate offshore islands, pop to a busy beach for ice cream and stare in amazement at blankets of birds around massive sea cliffs.

There is so much to see you will be amazed that we fit it all in. We suggest friends family groups of up to 8 to leave plenty of room to relax.


Full Boats – All of our RIBs are coded for and capable of carrying up to 11 passengers, plus one skipper.
This classification extends up to 20nm offshore and we are also able to operate in the dark.

RibRide Explorer  – RibRide Explorer can carry 12 plus the skipper – its awesome!!!
Explorer RibRide from Holyhead peak season the first hour is £345, while subsequent hours are great value at £245, 20 July to 3 Sept 18.

Offshore – When offshore, or for example circumnavigating the island, Around Anglesey Adventure, we like to make sure we are not at our limits, and so suggest a maximum of 8 persons for extended journeys.

Skipper Charles out with a birthday party in a RIB in the Menai Strait

Happy birthday Rhian penblwydd hapus

What next?

Fill in your information here or call and talk to our bookings office where we can discuss dates and times, and help you create a great itinerary for your friends and family.

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