Events, promotions and security

The team at RibRide has been lucky enough to be involved with the pinnacle of the Olympics, through to some of the best Welsh events. We work with marketing teams to provide RIB support.

Our roles at events are always varied: media runners, safety support, participant logistics, promotions and security.

Anglesey Sandman Triathlon

We have been involved on events such as the formidable Sandman organised by Always Aim High.

Marketing Promotions Events

We have worked with on the Land Rover UK #Hibernot Family, with the wonderful Monty Halls. We provided support to enable promotional filming on the Menai Strait, Anglesey.

Our roles include:

  • Safety support – helicopter drops into the sea
  • Camera platforms – filming other craft or on board scenes
  • Remote access – drop off in difficult locations e.g. sea cliffs or islands
  • Logisitics – relocation or equipment to and from locations
  • Location advice – creating efficient production schedules relative to tidal or weather patterns
  • Props for marketing – provision of boats and jet skis as moving or static props
  • Stunt Drivers – exacting placement of boats in critical positions

We provide full service for events, media and TV crews. View our Media and Press page here

For the first hour of a professional charter, the RIB boat and a Skipper are available for…
…Peak season the first hour is £220, while subsequent hours are great value at £195, 20 July to 3 Sept 18.
….From 4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19 the first hour is £195, while subsequent hours are great value at £150.

The whole day price is capped at £1,000 peak season (20 July to 3 September 18) and at £795 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19) for up to 8hrs.

Group enquiry

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