TV Media Logistics – experience and understanding

Thu 9th February 2017

Our RIBs offer the perfect platform for TV media and film work. Our skippers are very experienced and understand of film processes.


For the first hour of a professional charter, book the RIB with Skipper for £195.
Subsequent hours can be booked at £150. For example 2 hours is £345 per RIB.
The whole day price is capped at £795 for up to 8hrs.


This trip is ideal for parties of up to 6 media technicians in each RIB.

Filming with Coast and Country, ITV Wales


We are a highly experienced on-water asset for media professionals.
Our skippers are very experienced and understanding of media processes. Our RIBs are modern, fully certified, licensed and insured for inshore media-based operations. Once on the water have the backing of a large shore side support team.

We have unrivalled knowledge of our operating environment. We are here to help researchers refine original scripts prior to start of filming, if required. You will find us approachable, resourceful and easy to talk to when considering your project.

Skipper Phil and Anita Rani, BBC CountryFile

RibRide have supplied boats and skippers to assist with major motion pictures, BBC, ITV and Channel Four documentaries. We have worked with many notable celebrities, renowned production companies and national radio stations. Being on the water in ‘media mode’ is a very regular occurrence. We are very good at what we do and that is why teams come back to us time and time again.

Please go to our page, for more information about who we have worked with recently.

Download this PDF RibRide-TV-and-Media-Logistics to print and keep this information.


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