Commercial, access and surveys

We have a variety of RIBs that are suitable for a wide range of inshore commercial applications. All our vessels are coded for operations up to 20nm from port.

We have provided commercial services including: emergency replacement vessels for councils and agencies, covered patrol duties and carried out survey duties for hydroelectric schemes.


  • Safety support
  • Platforms
  • Remote access
  • Logisitics
  • Providing survey vessels

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For the first hour of a commercial charter, book the RIB boat and a Skipper for the first hour, peak season, is £220, while subsequent hours are great value at £195, 20 July to 3 Sept 18. From 4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19 the first hour is £195, while subsequent hours are great value at £150.

The whole day price is capped at £1,000 peak season (20 July to 3 September 18) and at £795 (4 Sept 18 to 19 July 19) for up to 8hrs.

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