All year round action, activities and accommodation

Mon 22nd February 2016

It is always the right season for a RibRide. In the sheltered Strait we have all year round access to one of the most exciting waterways in Europe. So if your group or team wants to go out in January for an adventure, just wrap up warm and off we go.

Although the Strait is sheltered it contains one of the most challenging waters in the world, the Swellies, a group of small rocky islands and whirling waters. Nelson reportedly said, “If any naval cadet could navigate the Strait they would be ready for any seaway in the world.” These waters are feared by the inexperienced and respected by our professional Skippers.

Bridges and Swellies IMG_3143

The Swellies are situated between the Menai Bridge and Britannia Bridge

Our Skippers enjoy a big tide and raw weather to get out and adventure in this breath taking stretch of water. Feel the wind in your face, boat beneath bridges, take a spin in whirlpools and salute the Viscount. We provide everything you need for an amazing group adventure.

Just wrap up warm; multiple layers, a windproof coat, hat and gloves are essential in winter and spring (sometimes in autumn and summer too!). And whatever the weather throws at us, we will have a great time.

When you return you can use our fantastic training room at Prince’s Pier, Menai Bridge, to warm up and debrief. The team bonding session can continue over a luxury lunch at Dylan’s Restaurant or a pint in a pub. There is plenty of great quality accommodation in Menai Bridge, so if you want a night away we can suggest a place to rest your weary heads.

RibRide groups menai bridge

The pontoon at St George’s Pier, Menai Bridge

We can launch, every day, all year round, for groups from our waterfront facility at Menai Bridge. We can provide a great training room, arrange dining options and suggest overnight accommodation.

Just call us to discuss your arrangements on 0333 1234 303 or email