Songline Training

Mon 29th January 2018

A songline is an Aboriginal method of steering a course through a landscape using stories.
At RibRide, we rely on charts to show us the way and stories to paint a picture of local life.

We bring old ways to new days and through the use of our own songlines, challenge teams to remember the messages and explore the historic Menai Strait.

Songline team training

For teams to be successful on this day, they must work together as the tasks are simply too large for one person to work alone.  Seamanship, safe boating, identification of historic places, chart work and the rules of the sea will all be needed to arrive safely at a secret destination.

Britannia Bridge Anglesey

Songline – remember the messages and explore


Morning: 10am coffee and catch up, 10.30 formal introduction briefing and coaching in all the elements which work to ensure success.
Lunch: 12 noon to 1pm
Afternoon: This on water element is a 4 hour adventure to complete the songline task.

Upon completion the boats all meet for a glass of bubbles and a cheery debrief before returning ashore for well-earned cocktails and canapés.

Why is this trip amazing?

This is the only trip that puts you, the passenger in charge.  For the duration of the trip, the skipper is simply a passive guide.  Don’t worry, they won’t let anything untoward happen but will operate only under the guidance of the team.

RIB near the Menai suspension bridge

Exploring the Menai Strait with RibRide Team Training

What you might see

The Menai Strait has one of Britain’s most diverse coastal arenas.  This Welsh Wonderland showcases history from the Romans, through the Industrial Revolution to modernistic grand designs.

The Strait demonstrates the full effects of one of the largest UK tidal ranges.  This is a lovely marine and coastal habitat, providing for and bringing the Menai to life.

If you are a training professional or a team leader RibRide songline is the perfect intervention to reveal team strengths and weaknesses. RibRide offers one of the best, non-threatening but revealing role-play opportunities available in the great outdoors.

Download a PDF Team Training – Songline to keep this information.

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