Skipper Charles the coolest, fun boat host

Fri 31st March 2017

Working with Skipper Charles is fun, we know he is fab, there are many Tripdvisor reviews to confirm this too. This week we received a charming review which confirms everything we know.
Yes, we do know the parking is difficult in Menai Bridge. Our location on the edge of the Strait alongside the Menai Suspension Bridge is unbeatable.

Skipper Charles

Tripadvisor review from Thomas E, March 2017:
Confused and frustrated by tiny streets with awful parking provision, we arrived having walked in the wrong side of the building (it’s on the left, other side of the boatyard) we were greeted by a group of possibly the most friendly and helpful strangers we’d ever met.

I, having not accounted for an inexplicable Wednesday closure of the local outdoor sports shop, arrived with no waterproof trousers expecting simply to get wet and change them after. I was immediately offered a pair to use for the trip and quickly greeted by our captain and helmsman, Charles.

Skipper charles pouring champagne on a rib boat

Skipper Charles fun (Champagne Charlie) serving the refreshments

Charles looks, speaks and walks like he could probably fly a Sopwith Camel, and consequently put all passengers at ease with barely a grin. There were just four of us on the trip and Charles was literally the coolest, most casual, fun boat host and driver the four of us could ask for. Full of enthusiasm, local history, gossip and knowledge of the wildlife, and could pull wicked donuts in the brilliant RIB he took us out on.

It was a great ride that ticked boxes for leisurely tourism and a nice slice of adrenaline too. If you’re in the area and you don’t do a boat ride like this then you’ve missed out. It doesn’t seem all that cheap, until you do it, then you know you’ve got you’re money’s worth and some more. Good people running a lovely trip. Total must.

Our Skippers

Our Skippers are fantastic because they have been trained by Skipper Charles. Skippers Phil and Tom, RibRide’s owners, are sailors at heart who are passionate about getting folk on the water. Come with our Skippers to experience the magic of the Menai Strait and the waters around Anglesey.

Skippers Phil & Tom pictured on a beach clean at Abermenai Point with red bags

Skippers Phil & Tom on a beach clean at Abermenai Point

It is our Skipper who are the Hidden Gem‘s that make your RIB Ride experience an amazing adventure.

Well done team

It is all our team working together that make the difference. Thank you team, thank you to all our reviewers and thank you Skipper Charles fun.

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