Coastal Foraging Adventure Anglesey

Mon 23rd May 2016

Come with us for a unique ‘foodie’ adventure foraging along the shoreline, picking, catching and cooking a meal to share together.

Our expert forager Skipper Charles leads these amazingly tasty trips that include mackerel fishing and seafood foraging. To assist Charles is the amazing Jules Cooper, Wild Crafter and Wild Food Forager. Jules know what plants are good to eat and can show you what to pick and how to do this sustainably.

Forage Anglesey Coast-2-Nov14

Beach fire cooking pot

Forage Anglesey Coast-3-Nov14

The best way to arrive

Forage Anglesey Coast-1-Nov14

Foraged seafood and local bacon (they were very hungry)

Forage Anglesey Coast-4-Nov14

Back to port before the sun sets

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